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There are not many nudist/naturist beaches in the South of Tenerife

Most beaches are located in the North and West of the Island and you need a car


Playa de las Gaviotas - (Santa Cruz de Tenerife area)

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It is a beach with a lenght of 250 m. It has an average width of 40 m. The occupation rate is Medium. It's a Semi-urban beach. It hasn't beach boardwalk. It's a beach of Sand, which is Dark. The Swimming conditions are Moderate waves. It's nudist.

Bus Line 245: SANTA CRUZ to IGUESTE DE SAN ANDRÉS (9 buses a day)

Bus Stop: Gaviotas From the stop there is about 1.5 kilometre walk down the side road to the beach


There is an bus that travels along the main TF 121 which leaves a 1.5 kilometre walk from the main road



A very frequent bus service to San Andres with a much longer walk. If walking some corners can be cut off between the zig zags of the road. The shortcuts cross thorny land and not recommended unless a very obvious foot path trail is available.



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Playa Blanca (Diego Hernández), nude beach La Galeta area

At the northern end of La Caleta,s sea front go up the steps to the top of the headland. This entire area is a nature reserve with outstanding rough beauty. The paths and trails are rough and we advise strong footwear and not flip flops.



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Playa de los Patos, Playa de el Pozo and Playa Bollullo - puerto de la Cruz area

These three coves cut into the cliffs are accessed via a single track road, which can make manoeuvring past oncoming cars quite hairy. Persevere, it’s worth the effort. The reward is a beautiful black sand beach with tsunami sized waves and a great little beach bar overlooking the bay where time can disappear very easily, especially if you’ve got an ice cold cerveza in your hand. The more adventurous can follow the path along the coast to Playa Pozo and Playa de los Patos, nudist beaches popular with surfers and people who literally want to let it all hang out; unfortunately I’ve never seen anyone do both at the same time; now that would make a good photo.

But where is it?

 Just outside Puerto de la Cruz, a road leads almost from the TF5 exit 32 towards El Rincon.



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Calas de Montaña a - Playa Tejita - El Medano

La Tejita [pronounced in Spanish, Lah-Tehkhee-tah] beach is located in the island South, immediately to the West of Montaña Roja [Montah-nya Ro-khah]mountain and at about 2 km to the West of El Médano [Ehl-Meh-dahnaw] town. La Tejita is the longest (about 1.5 km) and widest (100–300 m) sand beach on Tenerife. La Tejita and the neighbouring El Médano beach on the other side of Montaña Roja are the only natural beaches on the island composed of a thin and softlight-yellow sand; one of the hypotheses as of the beaches’ origin suggests that the sand has been brought by winds from Sahara across the Atlantic.

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Beach Confital, Granadilla de Abona

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It's one of the Granadilla de Abona beaches, located in theprovince of Tenerife, in the autonomous community of Canarias; it is one of the Islas Canarias beaches and it's found in the Isla de Tenerife.

It is a beach with a lenght of 210 m. It has an average width of 32 m. The occupation rate is Low. It's a Isolated beach. It hasn't beach boardwalk.

It's a beach of Sand, which is Dark. The Swimming conditions are Calm waters.



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Playa de La Pelada nude beach (El Medano area)

Location Playa de La Pelada Nude beach

Located 2 kilometres to the North East of El Medano and 400 metres north east of the village of La Barca.

Access via trails from the village

A small bay to the south of Pelada mountain (Montana Pelada)

A small bay with a 50 x20 metres black sand beach, which continues with narrow boulder covered sandy stretches going along under the foot of the rock cliffs.

This continuation depends very much on the straight of the tide and weather it,s a neap or spring tide Takes a bit of effort to get there but this is a very good nude beach.



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Playa de Montana Amarilla (Costa del Silencio area)

The mountain a small extinct volcano with a caldera that has a section of it's rim missing on the North East side. Spectacular views are available from the Volcano's rim.

At the end of Calle Chasna near the sea near where la ladder is set into the rock for swimmers to use is a path tothe top of Montana Amarilla. Please note that this path is steep and because of the loose sand and gravel over solid rock is very slippy. I therefore reccomend the route described below.

Travel east along Av de Jose Antonio Tavio to the end and the shopping centre shops pubs, continue east after a slight left twist in the road along Calle Olimpia for 180 metres to the sharp left bend.

Look for the dirt footpath that starts 50 metres away behind the wall on your right.

Follow the main foot path clockwise around the inland side of Amarilla mountain, this takes you to a rocky headland overlooking the bay on your right

For a very scenic route you can go via the top rim of the Amarilla mountain's Caldera again use the above path then take a minor track that starts centrally at the back of the mountain. Follow the trail up the mountain on your right and follow the main path along the rim anticlockwise untill it descends and meets a path on your right turn right. tHis path takes you around the outside of the mountain to the cove.

The Area is also available with a longer walk from Golf del Sur

There are plenty of good walking trails in this area with good views of this rugged coast line.

Bus Routes

112 Santa Cruz Arona via Las Galletas Costa del Silencio

115 Santa Cruz Las Galletas Costa del Silencio

473 Los Gigantes Las Galletas Costa del Silencio

483 Playa de las Americas El Medano via Las Galletas

467 Playa de las Americas Las Galletas

470 Playa de las Americas Granadilla via Las Galletas

461 El Medano Las Galletas



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Muelle Viejo Los Cristianos - Las Rocas

At the end of Los Cristianos, near the mountain behind the houses you will find the rocky beach



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