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Club MYSTIQUE, the most famous and respected club in the Canary Islands, make your fantasies come true, open since 2009, for all the liberal open-minded people ......


WE ARE CLOSED - Update May 27, 2020

we are still in State of Alarm till June 7!!

Dear guests and friends of Club Mystique,

Thank you for all the sweet messages, phone calls and Whatsapp in the past difficult months.
This feels very good to us. It is difficult and wait for more pleasant times.

Since Monday 25th May the Canary islands going into phase 2, slowly we are getting more freedom and the economic can try to recuperate!!!

*Since last thursday everyone over 6 years old is obligated to wear a face mask in public areas where 2 meter social distance is not possible to maintain. If you don't have one with you, you can be fined for 100 euro or more.....

*Social gatherings (at home or in catering) can take place in groups of up to 15 people.

*Markets: up to 33% of the maximum number of stalls; municipalities must limit the number of visitors in such a way that the 2-meter distance is guaranteed;

*All shops and professional services (except shopping centers) are allowed to resume activities (regardless of the number of square meters). Up to 40% of the maximum capacity. If the 2 meter distance between customers cannot be guaranteed, then a maximum of 1 customer per person in the store.

*Shopping centers are allowed to open their doors under the following conditions: up to 30% of the common areas (where standing still is not allowed, with the exception of the catering part), up to 40% of the maximum capacity in individual shops. The general catering guidelines apply to catering establishments in shopping centers. Recreational areas such as children's play areas, ball boxes, rest areas, etc. remain closed.

*Sports pools: both indoor and outdoor pools are allowed to open up to 30% of the maximum capacity, by appointment, fixed periods, priority for federated athletes, individually, or up to 2 people per joint workout, without physical contact, safe distance, etc. may be used in accordance with the applicable cleaning and hygiene regulations.

*Beaches: the same standards apply for the use of the beach as for outdoor sports (periods). Swimming is allowed but not recreational staying on the beach.

*We are now allowed to travel free over the whole island with more than one person in a car other than family. Still not Allowed to travel to other islands (unless you have special permission to visit familie or work).

*Catering establishments, restaurants & bars(with the exception of disco and night clubs) may open their doors again for consumption within 40% of the maximum capacity. Furthermore, consumptions must be consumed at the table, preferably with a reservation, self-service at the bar is prohibited. It is allowed to order and take away meals and drinks. Self-service buffets are allowed, provided they have screens and under strict hygiene regulations.

*Terraces: up to 50% of the available capacity may be occupied. The distance between tables should be at least 2 meters and groups should not exceed 15 people.

Just a few new changes that are allowed in Phase 2.

We're still not allowed to open as we have a disco licence and physical activity/interactions still not allowed.

This time is very hard for everyone and hopefully it will be all right soon STAY HEALTHY !!!

Of course we will keep you informed with new updates on this page, Google & Social Media

thanks and stay healthy! John & Nora, Club Mystique Tenerife


Important announcement!

Club mystique has moved since Dec. 2018 to another location.

We welcome you on our new address:
Complejo Marina Primavera, Local 46B (planta Sótano)
Avenida de los Pueblos, San Eugenio, Costa Adeje


Parking available in the street and nearby the highway is a big free parking place (just 6 min. walking)




Dutch Owners

We speak English, Spanish, German and Dutch.

We are the biggest Swingers club bar in Tenerife, and Canary Islands, with a total of 500 M2 swingers fun.

Mystique comprises of a bar disco with secluded romantic corners, sofas and dance floor.

We are proud of the way our club is designed to give maximum pleasure and relaxing atmosphere. Everyone is welcome for a drink in our bar, you do not have to be a experienced swinger to join us.

The friendly and international staff will be there should you need any help or guidance if you are new and curious about the swingers scene.

It´s allowed to dress yourself in the front bar, any way you want, normal clothes, sexy club wear, boxers, Latex, PVC, rubber, leather...anything sexy - DRESS TO IMPRESS !! Only in the swinger/play zone everyone needs to change clothes out of respect for the playing couples....

Sex games are possible everywhere in the club!!

Smoking is NOT allowed inside the Club, we have a smokers area at the door and in the back of the club (parts with open air)!

To the rear of the club (where we try to obtain a dress code, NO normal clothes, you can wear underwear like lingerie or boxers for the men, very sexy clubwear, LATEX, PVC) you can enjoy our facilities offered including; dressing room with lockers, Showers, many different playrooms (including 3 private rooms), Large Gang Bang bed, Darkroom, French Wall (Glory hole), room with swing & St Andrews cross, jacuzzi, social corner, TV with video and much more......


There is NO obligation to have sex with anyone! You can come here and enjoy the atmosphere without feeling uncomfortable.

This is especially important for beginners who should feel safe and unpressured and allowed to go at their own pace. Everyone's limits will be respected.

If it´s you first visit @Club Mystique , then tell the girl at the door and one of our staff members can show you arround and explain our club rules.


***Respect, values and morals are important to us ... YOUR BEHAVIOR IS YOUR BUSINESS CARD .. ***

Included in the entrance fee: Locker and towel, free condoms if you need some more, please ask.....


Normal bar prices, No local brands and no rip-off!

Hope to see you soon at Mystique.


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Saturday couples Theme Nights.

*No obligations, Everything possible!

Contact Us:

** +34 618.058.426

(Instant Whatsapp)

** After 10pm Club; +34 922.715.958

Opening Hours:

Sunda & Monday Closed

Tuesday 22pm till 3am

Wednesday 22pm till 3am

Thursday 22pm till 3am

Friday 22pm till 3am

Saturday 22pm till 4am

Entrance Prices


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Die Community für stilvolle Erotik

ComeEnjoy the night




Our club is designed for maximum pleasure & relaxing atmosphere. Mystique comprises a bar with romantic sofa´s & dance floor....



Everyone is welcome for a drink in our bar, you do not have to be a experienced swinger or member...just come in and enjoy the night....



Dress to impress, normal clothes, sexy club wear, boxers, Latex, PVC, rubber, leather...anything sexy! Sex games are allowed everywhere in the club...